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Jason Augustus Fox Shaddale Karinne
Aliases Jason Fox (common name)
Born Circa 1983 AD, North American Province (Former USA), Terra
Born ,
Species Terran (See #Lineage)
Noble House Grand Duke of House Karinne
Spouse Jyslin Shaddale

About Jason[edit]

Jason Fox is the protagonist and main subject of the Subjugation story. Born Jason Augustus Fox, he marries Jyslin Shaddale, and goes on to become the Grand Duke of House Karinne.

Jason is a person who strongly believes in his own moral values, and sticking up for what he believes to be right. Jason gets a lot of this from his father, who had been a pilot in the US Air Force. Jason's mother

He is a man that thinks highly of his pride and his own moral values. His father had been in the Air Force, but had died of cancer when Jason was seventeen years of age.

Life before Subjugation[edit]

Prior to Subjugation, Jason Fox was enrolled in electrical engineering, focusing on digital electronics at Template:? University.

Life at Tulane[edit]

Jason's enrolment at Tulane was brought on by scoring well on a Faey aptitude test. Jason (along with other Terrans in a similar position) was given the option of enrolling at Tulane to study Faey Technology, or be sent to a farm to work. This (in part) leads to Jason disliking the Faey Imperium, and in particular their treatment and subjugation of the Human Race.

At Tulane Jason studies hard, and is well liked by his peers and teachers alike. However, Jason finds it difficult to reconcile his dislike for the Faey Imperium, and individual Faey (such as his teachers).

Jason's close friend Tim encourages Jason to start a martial arts club at Tulane, and instructs in Aikido and Tai Chi.

It is whilst studying at Tulane, that Jason encounters his future girlfriend and wife Jyslin Shaddale, who is at the time an Faey Imperial Marine. Due to certain abilities, Jason can "feel" when a telepath attempts to read his thoughts.

Stunts and Pranks[edit]

It is Jason's rebellious stunt of imagining the then-unknown Faey Marine naked (although wearing boots) in response to a telepathic "probe", that leads to an encounter between Jason and Jyslin.

Jyslin becomes curious about Jason, and asks him to go out on a date - to which Jason declines. Jyslin decides to enrol the assistance of her squad mates to "encourage" Jason (through mild intimidation, pranks and embarrassment) to go on a date with Jyslin, under the guise of protecting him.

There is a series of encounters between Jason and the Marine squad, where Jason usually ends up evading the assigned "guards". The encounters draw the attention of those on (and off) campus, and Jason's pranks are usually met with laughter, and occasional applause by Human and Faey alike.

During this period, Jason is shown to have an extrodinary ability to improvise ingenius solutions with very limited technical solutions. One particular invention is eventually patented (on his behalf), and immediately begins earning Jason sizable sums of money.

This inherent skill for inventing starts Jason on a path towards being recognised as a renowned inventor, sought by the Faey Imperium to work for Black Ops and other military research laboratories.

Eventually, however, the escalating encounters between Jason and the Imperial Marines are "shut down" by Jyslin's commanding officer, who mandates that Jason will go on a date with Jyslin. Not before, however, Jason is challenged to an unarmed fight between a squad of Trillane House Army troops. As a result of the fight, Jason "scores" a Faey maid/servant for a weekend -- Symone. Symone goes on to become the girlfriend of Jason's friend Tim.

Discovery of Telepathy, Early Relationships, and learning to Fly[edit]

It is during the mandated date between Jason and Symone, that it is discovered the Jason has Telepathic abilities, at the time - apparently a first amongst humans. Jyslin trains Jason in the use of his ability, and keeps it a secret from all others - especially the authorities.

Jason and Jyslin eventually become an item, and together they socialise with Tim and Symone.

At the same time, Jason earns enough money to purchase a Skimmer - a small space-capable vehicle. Jason's purchase of the skimmer puts him in contact with Elari Trillane, a young noble of the ruling house on Terra.

Leaving the Imperium[edit]

The discovery by the authorities of a human telepath at Tulane Campus, and the reaction by the reaction by the authorities scares Jason. Combined with an approaching physical which involves a detailed brain and mental scan, convinces Jason that he needs to leave, and live a free life.

Jason decides that he can set himself up, to live a free life without imperial control, if he moves into an abandoned city in one of the un-patrolled, and lawless "Nature Preserves", which contain a number of cities forcibly evacuated, and then abandoned by the Faey.

Jason constructs a cover story of planning to go camping for a few days, which enables him to leave Imperial controlled territory in his skimmer, loaded with various supplies, tools, and gadgets. Despite protests from Jyslin, Jason manages to escape without undue notice from the Authorities.

Jason sets himself up in an abandoned house, in Chesapeake, West Virginia, and discovers the true situation in the lawless areas.

(points to fill out later)

  • encounters with local "warlords", wins control of town and establishes dominance
  • encounters Temika - local trader
  • establishes trading parnership with Elari Trillane ("Kumi" to friends) - initially once off, Kumi's bodyguards (Meya and Myra?) become obsessed with the Rail Gun.
  • Clem, Luke & family move in up the road, as a result of a raid
  • Faey Imperium start seriously looking for Jason - suspect him of Telepathy, due to unusual mental capabilities (no passive broadcasting of thoughts, can feel when scanned/probed) during his time at Tullane
  • More trading with Kumi for supplies and armor, stealthed hoverbikes, etc
  • Tim expresses telepathically, and escapes with Symone (badly injured)
  • Symone helps clear out warlords and organised groups from Huntsville(??) - encourages setting up a community

Setting up Chesapeke Community[edit]

  • People join fledgling community, screened by Symone, lots of trading with Kumi (Armor for Symone, parts for rail guns, replicator, etc)
  • Jason develops anti-scanner technology to hide technology from active sensors, coats other stuff under dense materials. Hides overhead stuff with a hologram (isn't this a little later...?)
  • Community attacked by semi-organised group with automatic weapons, attackers are defeated easily, but caught on video by dropship captain
  • Kumi visits unexpectedly after finding out about the attack, brings a kimdori friend (Kiaari) + bunch of others - Jason has "weird sensation" when near the Kimdori
  • Jason arranges with Kumi to get fake IDs - delivered by Myra, Kiaari comes along for the ride, Kiaari shows off the shape-changing, does the mind-meld trick, and for kicks decides to send along a sister to help Jason with his plans for attacking Trillane to get them off earth, gives him knowledge of how to speak Kimdori.
  • Jason covers develops stealth tech for the skimmer - flying lump of black nothing-ness, but still detectable if far out enough in space or silhouetted from behind. Decides should only be used at night (where it'll be virutally undetectable)
  • While testing the Stealth in space, Jason flies near a dropship - overhears panicked thoughts of humans onboard, and finds out that they're being abducted to be sold off as slaves. Jason tries to call up support from Jyslin's Aunt (General in the Marines) - but not enough proof to order it stopped - before Jason can engage and disable the dropship, it jumps out using internal jump-gate. Jason swears to destroy Trillane, and kick them off earth.

Rebellion against Trillane[edit]

(lots more to fill out later)


Towards the latter portion of the Subjugation story, it is revealed that Jason has Faey ancestry. After further investigation, it is revealed that he is a descendant of a large scale genetic engineering and breeding experiment, carried out by the previous rulers of House Karinne. This information leads to Jason taking the title of Grand Duke of Karinne.