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This Wiki is provided as a free service to contain all general knowledge about the universes created by James Galloway (Fel).

Getting Started[edit]

Here's some pages to get you started.

Where to find[edit]

  • Official web page (redirects to CanisD and Spec8472's backup site.)
  • Backup sites



Contributions are very welcome. All contributors must be registered first, please see the Registration Process for information on how to do so.
Before contributing, please read the Contribution Guidelines.
Don't forget fo fill in Edit Summary, even if it would be the word or two.

Where you can contribute:

  • Wanted pages, i.e. nonexistent pages with at least two links to them
  • Stub pages, short filler pages
  • Draft pages, which needs expanding and/or peer review (and editing)

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.