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The Faey discovered Plasma could be used as a power source. They phased the Plasma into different states, and when so phased and set up that the individual phases of it opposed one another, it made it safe. Phased Plasma are in alternate states of material existence, spreading out its energy into many different quantum states.

Phases Of Plasma[edit]

Metaphased Plasma common form of plasma used for powering devices and in powring weapons

Interphased Plasma was used to power spatial drives, since metaphased plasma distorted the system.

Hyperphased Plasma use is not well know. only mentioned but not explained, because it was a military application. It is used to make the plasma torpedoes fired from their battleships.

Polarity phased plasma was very low-energy and worked very well in microscopic applications, and was what powered virtually all very small devices.

Uses for Plasma[edit]

Plasma is generated by PPGs and is used to power everything from watches to starships. It is also used in Plasma Weapons.