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A Sui'kun is one of the Sorcerers who represent a Conduit, and a type of magic. A Sui'kun is capable of handing High/Ritual Sorcery all on their own instead of needing to Circle to gather this power.

Originally there were 7 Sui'kun, one for each Conduit. After the Breaking, the other Elder Gods allowed Niami to have a few extra, to represent the stability of the Weave so that if one was killed, it would not cause another breaking.

The current Sui'kun, in order of age are:

  1. Spyder (outside, extra)
  2. Tarrin Kael (outside, extra)
  3. Jenna Kael
  4. Jasana (outside, extra)
  5. Unknown
  6. Child born to a Sorcerer at the Raintree Tower. Name unknown
  7. Little girl, born during Tarrin's fight with Guardian of the Firestaff in the Shadow Realm, name unknown.
  8. Nyrian girl named Ayalla, raised in the Raintree Tower in Sharadar.
  9. Unknown
  10. Unknown
  11. Kerri child, Faalken