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{{#if|{{{subject_aka}}}|}} {{#if|{{{date_of_death}}}|}} {{#if|{{{house_name}}}|}} {{#if|{{{parents}}}|}} {{#if|{{{spouse}}}|}} {{#if|{{{children}}}|}}
Aliases {{{subject_aka}}}
Born {{{date_of_birth}}}, {{{place_of_birth}}}
Born {{{date_of_death}}}, {{{place_of_death}}}
Species {{{species}}}
Noble House {{{house_position}}} of {{{house_name}}}
Parents {{{parents}}}
Spouse {{{spouse}}}
Children {{{children}}}

This infobox template helps show the key details of a character. It is based on the Biography Infobox from Wikipedia.

Note for others: This template uses conditional statements which require the Winter extension for MediaWiki to work correctly. It also makes use of the "infobox" CSS class stylings.


Copy the following, leave any elements blank that you don't require (don't remove them, just leave blank).

{{Infobox Subjugation Character|
|subject_name     = 
|subject_aka      = 
|date_of_birth    = 
|place_of_birth   =
|date_of_death    =
|species          =
|house_name       =
|house_position   =
|parents          =
|spouse           =
|children         =